Lightly Used Skutt Kiln



  •   Instruction Manual


  • Turtle Casting Mold


  • Two - 9" x 8" Shelves


  • 3 Glass Decals

  • Sample of Papyros Shelf  Paper

 (2 Sheets 10 x 10)

  • 1 "Necklace in a bag" Kit

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Product Information:

 Accurate & stable temperature control kiln ,excellent fusing kiln for small projects.

Model Number: GM10F.

Firing Chamber: 10" L. x 9" W. x 9" D.


Max. Temp.: 1800F.

Cu/Ft.: 0.45.

Volts: 115.

Amps: 15.

Phase: Single.

Watts: 1800.

Min. Wire Size: 12.

Breaker Rating: 20A.

Receptacle: NEMA 5-15.



- Glassmaster Controller easy to program & offers flexibility of a wide array of innovative features,

 - Wooden handle mounted away from heat allowing to open door without gloves,

 - Works on standard household current,

 - Encapsulated Type K thermocouple,

 - Easily fits 10" shelf,

 - Built-in stand,

 - Portable.    Weight: 82 Lbs.








- Quick Light Self Igniting Torch

- 2 pc Work Surface & Protective Eyeware

- Bead Reamer & 15-104COE Glass Rods

- 12 Stainless Steel Mandrels & Bead Rake

- Dotted & Grooved Texturizing Marver

- Canister Holder, Bead Release, & Mandrel Scrubber

- Fiber Blanket, Instruction Booklet, DVD



Stainless steel mandrels are used to wrap molten glass around to create beads


Attach Fireworks bottle holder clamps on the edge of any table and fastens down.


Holds glass rods, mandrels and tools



Rake is used to manipulate the molten glass


Used for picking up small fusing

and mosaic pieces.

Size: 6 long.



Bead Hole Brush  is coated with the finest diamond abrasive for a more effective and efficient removal of bead release residue


Stainless steel mandrels are used to wrap molten glass around to create beads. The rake is used to manipulate the molten glass


Use the shaping marver to roll or press your glass on the textured surfaces to make interesting surface patterns


When rubber tips are removed use them to set in millifiori, hold hot glass, or create stringers, etc. Use with rubber tips in place for wire wrapping or for a secure grip on warm glass


Graphite Paddle



Graphite Tongs




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